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Spas & Hot Tubs

ProTeam Proper water maintenance is essential if you want to keep your spa or hot tub in top working condition. That's why Swim-In-Pool Supply Company is the exclusive Las Vegas dealer for ProTeam spa care products. ProTeam's safe, unique products are compatible with all types of spas and hot tubs. The ProTeam line is formulated to ensure that your spa will provide clean and safe fun for you and your guests all year round.

Though not a sanitizer by itself, Brom Bank works in conjunction with Brominating Tabs to make your water safe and comfortable for spa users.
Enhances spa water to leave skin soft and moisturized while reducing eye and skin irritation.
Concentrated formula developed to quickly remove iron, copper, silver, manganese and excessive calcium hardness from spa and hot tub water.
Chlorine-free Spa Oxidizing Shock quickly removes contaminants and other build up in spa water. It helps restore dull, cloudy water back to beautiful clarity.
This highly concentrated clarifier makes water exceptionally clean and clear. Restores water that’s not-so-good, and makes good-looking water great.