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Sanitizers are a group of chemicals that remove bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms from your pool water. It is important to use quality sanitizers to prevent damage to vinyl liners, pool equipment & accessories. Swim-in-Pool Supply Company sells the types of sanitizers that are best suited for our harsh Las Vegas climate.

Slow Dissolving Tablets perfect for Las Vegas pools. Various Sizes.
Nu-Clo Concentrated Granules is a daily, stabilized dichlor chlorinator. This product is fast dissolving, but also UV stabilized, providing a 24-hour chlorine residual.
No Mor Problems is registered as an E.P.A. algaecide. This patented, proprietary formula was engineered after 30 years of field experience. No Mor Problems® prevents cloudy water and gives your water spectacular clarity and sparkle, greatly extending the time between filter cleanings. The other blue liquids don't even come close to No Mor Problems®.
Proteam's Supreme helps to maintain stable pH and is used together with Weekly Treat to dramatically improve sanitizer efficiency and inhibit algae growth.