Pool Chemicals - Sanitizers

Sanitizers are a group of chemicals that remove bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms from your pool water. It is important to use quality sanitizers to prevent damage to vinyl liners, pool equipment & accessories. Swim-in-Pool Supply Company sells the types of sanitizers that are best suited for our harsh Las Vegas climate.

Slow Dissolving Tablets perfect for Las Vegas pools. Various Sizes.
Nu-Clo Concentrated Granules is a daily, stabilized dichlor chlorinator. This product is fast dissolving, but also UV stabilized, providing a 24-hour chlorine residual.
No Mor Problems is registered as an E.P.A. algaecide. This patented, proprietary formula was engineered after 30 years of field experience. No Mor Problems® prevents cloudy water and gives your water spectacular clarity and sparkle, greatly extending the time between filter cleanings. The other blue liquids don't even come close to No Mor Problems®.
Proteam's Supreme helps to maintain stable pH and is used together with Weekly Treat to dramatically improve sanitizer efficiency and inhibit algae growth.

If you don’t see the product you’re looking for on our featured list, please call us at (702) 384-4223. We have many other brands in stock!