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Starter Kits

Your pool water is maintained year-round through the use of swimming pool chemicals. These chemicals keep your water safe, balanced, and contaminant-free. Whether they are above ground or in-ground, indoors or outdoors, all pools and spas need the same basic types of pool chemicals. Water that is not properly balanced makes chemical treatments less effective and can damage equipment.

The chemicals we carry at Swim-In Pool Supply are the highest quality—we have been selling many of the same brands since we opened in 1962. We have algaecides, sanitizers, shocks, clarifiers and balancers, as well as specialty chemicals.

The experts at Swim-in-Pool Supply Company have designed a chemical maintenance program specifically for Las Vegas pools and spas. If you use the chemicals we recommend and follow the program we have developed, we guarantee your pool equipment will last and your pool water be perfect all year long.

Our starter kit contains the best products on the market to prepare your pool water for the season. Trust the experts at Swim- in-Pool Supply Company to keep your pool water properly balanced and safe for the entire family.

  • 1 2.2 lb Wipe-Out non-chlorine shock
  • 1 Qt. Clear Result Poly 30 Algaecide
  • 1 Qt. Clear Result Stain & Scale Remover
  • 1 Qt. Clear Result Super Clarifier