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Balancers are chemicals specifically designed to adjust ph & alkalinity hardness, chlorine & stabilizer levels.

The staff at Swim-In Pool Supply are experts in pool chemistry. We carry only the highest quality balancers. We suggest you bring in a sample of your pool water today to make sure it is properly balanced. We will test your water and determine its composition. Once your water is balanced, we can teach you how to properly test and use balancers in the future to make any necessary adjustments.

Easy pH™ offers you the newest and best way to balance your pool or spa water. Unlike other pH increasers, Easy pH™ will minimize the potential for scaling and staining of the pool or spa.If you have the common problem of an ideal total alkalinity with a pH that is too low, Easy pH is the only easy way to correct it. No bouncing up and down.
Easy Acid is the strongest and safest acid on the market.
Easy Alkalinity is a formulation to help you add total alkalinity to your pool or spa water. It can be used to help rebalance your pool or spa water after heavy rains that lower your total alkalinity.