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There are many different types of algae. The most common types can produce a sickly green, yellow, or black slime guaranteed to make your pool uninviting. Regular use of algaecides is the best way to keep your water algae-free. Here at Swim-in-Pool Supply Company we feature Clear Result's algaecides. Clear Result is manufactured in the United States and backed by the expertise of Haviland Pool and Spa Products, leaders in pool and spa chemistry.

If you have algae, or if you’re not sure, bring in a sample of your pool water today. We’ll analyze it for free, and will determine which product is right for your specific problem.

Economical, effective Polyquat algae prevention.
Highly concentrated algae preventative for all algae types.
Easily destroys all algae growth. For use against all types of algae including green, blue-green, black and mustard algae.