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About Us

Rita Martin Swim-in-Pool Supply Company Rita Martin and her family opened Swim-in-Pool Supply Company in the spring of 1962. With our background of building in-ground pools, we understood what it takes to maintain a healthy pool in Las Vegas, where extreme summer temperatures require special programs. We were the first complete pool store in Nevada, and our store selection is still the finest in town.

Rita Martin and Hunter Swim-in-Pool Supply Company When we began our business we attended numerous seminars on water chemistry, chemical application and safety. We continue that tradition today. Our water testing department helps customers determine the right types of chemicals to use. And Swim-in-Pool Supply specializes in pool information programs, with training on water care, chemical applications, and the best types of equipment and supplies.

We offer in-store repairs and service on pump motors and filters, and provide in-store deep cleaning for filter cartridges. With nearly fifty years of real world training and experience on choosing the right types of parts and equipment, we know all there is to know about proper care and equipment maintenance. We are happy to offer you personalized training on what your pool or spa needs.

Visit Rita, Melissa, David and Hunter — the experts at Swim-In-Pool Supply Company.